Staffy Head Neon -  By Staffy Clothing

Staffy Head Neon - By Staffy Clothing

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Our Signature design,

The coolest one of a kind Staffy head Neon!!!

Representing all Staffys!

Comes in a range of colour options to suit your style and décor! This awesome Neon has been designed by us and with clear Perspex behind it for backing and hanging!!

Amazing for your home, but also perfect for a cool entertaining area, Shed, or for your business!! Anywhere it will brighten up your life



Height - 629mm

Width – 626mm


Out lighting is made with the use of LED Flexible Neon. It is perfect for any home, it is safe, reliable. Very low cost to run also.

Are  the  lights  safe ?

Yep you bet cha! Our LED neon Staffy lights run with no heat, there is no gas or risk of shattering/breakage. The entirely neon is made of PVC and acrylic which is safe to touch.

How does it connect to Power?

Our Staffy head connects directly into a standard power socket and 12V with a transformer. Safe for any kids bedroom.

How long will your signs last?

Each LED bulb generally has a lifespan of 50,000 hours which means if it is on everyday 24 hours a day it would generally last for 5-6 years! Woo hoo!

What if I want something different?

If you have a special design we can cater for you. Send an email with your details and we will arrange a special quote.


ETA - please allow approx  3 weeks for delivery