• Will My Staffy be able to go to the bathroom in their Pawjammys?

PawJammys have been designed to be shorter underneath. As Pawjammys are not water proof the design was more focused as an inside garment, However your little one can defiantly wear them outside and use the toilet.

  • Are Pawjammys Stretchy?

Pawjammys are made with Super soft coral fleece and basic fleece. All of our garments are cut correctly allowing the stretch element to work around the body, making for a more snug but relaxed and comfortable fit.

  • Where are you Situated?

We are located in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

  • My Staffy has Sensitive skin, Will the Pawjammys Irritate the skin more?

In quite a lot of cases, the pawjammys actually help calm down rashes, as long as they are not worn on a hot day/ night. We have tested this out and have noticed that having that extra layer over the rash keeps it protected from biting, scratching rubbing etc. It gives the rash a break and allows it to calm down, and not get so inflamed.

  • Once i have payed, how long do i have to wait to receive my order?

Please allow up to 5 Working days to receive your order. A large Majority of Pawjammys are already pre made, however new fabrics and some highly popular Pawjammys on rare occasions need to be made once we have received your order. We send everything express so postage services are not adding an extra wait onto your order (if you do happen to order pawjammys that needs to be made.)

If pawjammys are in stock u will receive them within 2-3 days of payment.

  • Do u custom make?

We certainly do. We would need you to contact us Via Facebook, or on our contact page via our website. We would require your email address and some details from you in the way of measurement and even a photo to help us gauge the perfect fit.

Measurements needed -

Leg length,

Around widest part of chest,

Length from nape of neck to tail,

Center front of  neck to belly button - ( you little one may not have a belly button, but just estimate how far up it needs to be so toilet time is easier)

Neck measurement.


  • Do you ship overseas?

We do. We send to all around the world.