About us

About us
       Hey Everybody! My names Denzel. And i want to tell you all about my Pawjammys and our business!
Blue English staffy Terrier wearing pawjammys, Dog pjs made from super soft fleece
     When i was little my Mum decided to make me something warm and comfy to wear when im cold at nights and in winter.
          My big sister Miley ALWAYS steals the blankys at bedtime. Miley wraps herself up like a cocoon and i just cant do it!. 
       I wear my Pawjammys though winter and at night if its cold, I love them because they are comfy and warm.
      Mum started providing them to some rescue staffys and we had lots of fun helping make them.
We check they are made properly and we try them on and get to have our photo taken. We also supervise while mums sewing and cutting.
       We are from the country in Victoria in Australia.
So far we have helped lots of charities. Including RSPCA, Cancer council BARC rescue, Guide Dogs Australia and Staffy Rescue. Combined we have donated up to $10,000 Since 2011 to help fight against Animal cruelty and to help rescue organisations.
Miley and Denzel showing the amount of money staffy clothing raised for Million paws walk
Denzel Supporting Breast cancer awearness Via staffy Clothing promotion
Barc  Bali dog rescue logo
  We love helping. But most we love seeing other happy staffys.
        We love getting letters from all our friends overseas all the way from UK, America, Alaska, Germany NZ and Canada.
        Thank you to everyone who follows us and helps make a difference.
      We love you all.